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Diablo Molding & Trim – Dictionary

1 Crown Moulding - The ceiling of a home may often be overlooked when it comes to decorating. Crown moldings, which are designed to soften and decorate an otherwise stark corner where the wall meets the ceiling, can change that. The molding can create a visually stunning focal point and a wide variety of styles and materials are available.

We suggest choosing the right size molding for your room because it's important to maintain the right proportion. Before buying molding, bring some pieces home to see how it will look in the room. Crown moldings are primarily made of MDF, but wood is available by special order.

When installing wood molding, you may opt for a simple, single piece of crown molding or create a custom design by combining lengths of various styles of molding.

We also suggest selecting a style of molding based on the overall architectural style of your home as well as the decor in your room.

2 Chair Rail - Traditionally installed to protect the wall from chairs as they were moved away from the table, chair rails also provide both a decorative finish and a means to separate two different colors or finishes on a wall.

3 Baseboard - Base moulding, used in decorative architecture, to protect the lower portions of walls and covers gaps between wall and floor.

4 Casing - Trim used around the inside and outside of a doorway or window frame to conceal gap between jambs and walls (the inside member at each side and top of a door frame, window frame, or door lining).

5 Panel Moulding - A moulding used on a wall or a door to create a framed area, giving the illusion of a panel.

6 Ornament - Primarily used on walls, cabinetry, furniture and mantels.

7 Mantel - All of the work or facing around a fireplace. A shelf mantel is typically made of cornice moulding with a solid top and bottom, which is mounted over a firebox opening. A full surround mantel consists of a shelf mantel, and a surround, which is made up of a breastplate and pilaster legs. The full surround completely encloses the firebox opening.

8 Wainscotting - Wainscoting refers to the application of wood panels around the lower portion of a wall, providing both protection to the wall as well as a rich finishing touch. There are many styles of wainscoting, ranging from traditional to modern, and your selection would be based, of course, on individual preference, as well as the overall style of your home.

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