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Diablo Molding & Trim – Process

Step 1 – Estimate

It all starts with your FREE in-home estimate. When we come out to your house, we’ll find out where you would like to install molding, make some suggestions, or show you additional photos with examples of similar work. By the time we leave, we’ll give you a printed Proposal.

Step 2 – Scheduling

When you make the decision to go ahead with the project, you’ll need to fax us a signed copy of the proposal. Our Customer Service Representative will then call you with the approximate installation date The week before work is estimated to begin, you’ll get another call confirming the exact date and time when our installers will come out.

Step 3 – Installation

Materials usually arrive the day before or on the morning of the installation. Most often, installer(s) will begin by setting up the equipment, measuring the house, and cutting the molding. The installation will then be done using a nail-gun (and compressor). This part is a bit noisy, so it’s best not to have pets and small children in the house when the work is being done. If the installation will take more then one day, the equipment will be left on-site and installer(s) will be back in the morning to continue work.

Step 5 – Prep & Paint (Optional but highly recommended!)

We try to bring in our paint crew for prepping, before the installer(s) are finished to minimize the time we are in your home. However, due to scheduling demands, this is not always possible and the painters may start after the installation is complete. They will cover all surfaces to protect them from dust and paint and will begin by filling in any small gaps, and imperfections left by nailing the material. After everything is filled in, these areas will be sanded and painted.

Step 6– Clean-up

After the paint is complete you’ve had a chance to inspect the work, all of the prep material, tape, etc. will be removed and any leftover molding and other debris will be hauled away.

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What our customers say about us:

"There is no doubt that your guys take a lot of pride in their work – it’s obvious by how amazing the house looks. What a great group of professionals you have hired. Not only did they deliver an outstanding job, they went out of their way to accommodate us and our crazy schedule and completed the job 3 days early! You were the ONLY people who did not disappoint us in the process. I only wish half the other contractors we hired were as professional and courteous.

… your crew really helped in making our dream house!"

-Dawn Mendoza